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Google Premier Partner - Ad Kraft
  • 3. February 2022
Ad Kraft became Google Premier Partner in 2022

Ad Kraft has become a Google Premier Partner Google Premier Partner is a tag reserved for only 3% of all Google ad users.

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Facebook Advertising - Social Media Marketing
  • 24. January 2022
Facebook Advertising | Social media marketing

Facebook advertising Social media marketing is one of the most important channels in digital marketing.

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Contactless Business Cards V1CE 1 - Ad Kraft
  • 21. January 2022
Contactless business cards V1CE

Contactless business cards V1CE | They allow you to transfer your contact information, social networks and more to any smartphone without the app.

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YouTube Marketing - Ad Kraft Banja Luka
  • 14. December 2021
YouTube Marketing 2021

YouTube Marketing YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, attracting 2 billion registered visitors per month.

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Viber Stikeri | Viber Marketing BiH Ad Kraft
  • 14. December 2021
Viber stickers | Viber marketing

If you are wondering who should use branded sticker packs, the answer is everyone. Whether B2B or B2C viber stickers are a really effective and convenient marketing tool.

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Creating a webshop | WooCommerce webshop | Ad Kraft
  • 13. December 2021
Creating a webshop | Woocommerce webshop

Creating a web shop is the first step towards a successful business. The cost of creating a web shop depends on your needs. Request a quote today.

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