Viber Marketing

With so many users registered on Viber, Viber marketing strategy can do wonders for brands and businesses if properly planned and executed.

We have already written about social networks advertising, but here we will mention some important details about advertising on the Viber platform.

There are two ways that are most prevalent and that companies use the most when it comes to advertising on Viber:

  1. Advertising on Viber via the Google Ads platform with a clickable banner:
    • where the logo, title, description and all the recent contacts are;
    • After the call where a “square” photo or video with a title and description is usually used.
  2. Advertising via Viber Business account by sending promotional messages to phone numbers.

Therefore, regarding the second option, attention should be paid to costs, because this is the most common question that is asked when talking to companies and the possibility of targeting.

Costs of promotive message on viber - Viber advertising costs - Ad Kraft

Viber Marketing Costs

From the total investment, we must pay a subscription fee for the use of the platform for sending promotional messages and monitoring the results in the amount of $80 per month if paid on an annual basis or $100 if paid on a monthly basis.

Also, the minimum amount for the budget is $150, from which around 15,000 messages can be made.

Viber Marketing Targeting

The only way to send promotional messages is to have the name and phone number of each user. Therefore, you can import the entire contact base you have to the platform and thus send promotional messages containing a banner, text and a button with a link.

Of course, there are many more details in the whole process, and that’s why we encourage you to call us so that we can familiarize you with all the details and possibilities.