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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a systemic process that aims to turn visitors to your website into loyal customers. CRO also helps increase sales, click-through rates and other desired goals without the need to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Conversion rate results also affect your return on investment (ROI) from each source of your website visit and each of your campaigns. This means that the higher the conversion rate, the higher the return on investment.

Optimizacija konverzija-CRO

CRO improves almost every aspect of digital marketing by increasing the value of your website for each visitor. The process of optimizing the conversion rate includes analyzing the behavior of visitors to your website, tracking their actions on the page, analyzing the content that attracts them and repels them from the page. The ultimate goal is to understand their behavior and desires, so that as many visitors to your website as possible can achieve conversion.

Good communication and cooperation with clients allows us to create a "test path" that will provide measurable end results - increased revenue, customer loyalty, market share…

We are focused on achieving lasting goals through continuous research, ambitious development, rigorous testing and careful reporting. Our team of experts will analyze in detail the ways in which users interact with your website, while developing strategies to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

What exactly is conversion rate optimization?

  • Improving the structure of the website. Navigation and website design on which users navigate.
  • Monitoring the movement and behavior of users on the website. It is important to know what users like and what they reject about speed.
  • Convert existing traffic to active. Let's create interesting content or offers together that visitors can't refuse!
  • Optimization guided by your goals and desires. What do you want to achieve? Increase sales? Encourage users to watch promo videos? It is up to you to choose the goal, and the only thing that matters in all of this is that it is measurable.

Terms of Conversion Rate Optimization

Bounce Rate

CRO optimization reduces Bounce Rate. They would literally translate it as a bounce rate, which actually means the percentage of exits from the web shop immediately after visiting the first page and without any interaction! It touches your web shop and faster-colors bounce off it. And you really don’t want to experience that. At least not too much.

Heat Map

Have you always been interested in which part of the site users stayed on the most? Or what elements did they often shy away from? What did they click on the most? Here comes to our aid Heat Map. Heat maps can help us better understand the behavior of visitors to a page in order to improve its performance and thus keep users on the page longer.

A / B testing

Have you ever wondered what will go better? A title written in the ubiquitous Arial font or would you rather gamble with luck and break all the rules of good design and take a risk with Comic Sans? And what about color? CTA button green (call to action) or red? What will be clicked more? And what will you write on the button? "Ask for an offer!" Or "Send inquiry"? Luckily you don't have to guess because there is A / B testing! With the right A / B test, it is possible to detect a better solution to all doubts and thus reduce the exit rate from the website.

Landing pages (Destionation pages)

This can be an "about us" page, your blog, a product category or a home page. For example, you wrote a great blog about cycling helmets and someone just searched for information about cycling helmets through Google. In the list of results, he saw a post from your blog, clicked on it and came to the blog, which in this case is in the role of a landing page. If a user came to the blog through the menu of your site, then the blog could not be called a landing page.

What do you get with the CRO service?

  • Detailed analysis of website user behavior.
  • A / B testing
  • Setting goals, tracking results.
  • Setting up additional user interactions with the website.
  • Website analysis-different devices and search engines.
  • Tracking user movements-HeatMap
  • Detailed reports, analysis, implementation on the site.
  • User segmentation, based on current users.
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Need help increasing the conversion rate on your site?

We will help visitors to your website perform the desired action. Our team will optimize your website and increase your conversion rate, providing a successful long-term CRO strategy for your business.


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