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SEO improves the visibility and presence of a website on search engines, which leads to a significant increase in sales, profitability and economy of our clients. Search engine optimization refers to the strategies, techniques, and tactics necessary to bring your website to the top of Google. Bringing your website to the top of search results (often called "rankings") brings revenue to your website and free traffic to it.

Google will only show users web pages that are useful to them. Search Engine optimization is not about creating a website for Google; it's about making your website for your users. To remember this, we will paraphrase one of our favorite quotes from SEO expert Wendy Piersall:

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“Google only loves you when everyone else is loving you.”

Types of Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your pages is a multiple effort. There are four types of SEO that you can come across in the industry. Each type requires a different set of skills, but does not work in isolation

The four types of SEO are:

On-Site SEO

Refers to the content on your web pages, including text, keywords, and images. You will need to focus on optimizing your content for the keywords that users are searching for.

Technical SEO

Does not apply to content that the user sees on your website. Instead, it focuses on the technical aspects of that page, including HTML code, page speed, and more. Technically, SEO improves the performance of your website so that search engines can easily index it. Search engines will review elements of the website, such as website structure, internal connectivity, mobile response, page speed, and security.

Off-site SEO

Refers to content that is not on your site. Includes content on other sites that points to or leads to your site. A good "reputation" outside the site shows search engines that you are reliable. Working on SEO off-site involves digital PR and reach. You should identify sites related to your industry and connect with and contact competitors.

Local SEO

It focuses on ranking your site according to site-specific terms. Local SEO can include a mix of on-page, off-page and technical SEO strategies, as well as optimizations in external directories and folders. This type of SEO is specific to companies that offer services in a specific location or have physical stores. You should manage your views, update and harmonize all directory entries, and optimize location pages.

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization brings you the most valuable traffic (also known as organic traffic), which is "free" - when a search engine displays your content to its users in the organic part of the SERP (search engine results page). When a user clicks on a result and visits your website, you do not pay Google to visit. And it briefly describes what SEO is used for.

There are often paid results on that same SERP; can be identified by the "Ad" icon on the left. When a user clicks on a paid result and visits a website, the advertiser pays the search engine for that visit.

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So you pay for ads to be at the top, up and in the center, and with organic search results you are at the top, up and in the middle on merit, and it's free. The great advantage of SEO traffic is that if the chosen search engine optimization strategy is effective, it is a constant source of free traffic

We offer our clients a quality and affordable package aimed at improving business. Leave the rest to us because our experts are trained and familiar with the latest techniques and guidelines recommended by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

Quality internet reputation management increases your reputation and search engine rankings, increases internet sales and the trust of your customers. The goal of internet reputation management is to increase your online presence and attract visitors to your website. Internet reputation management can be used to increase positive results when searching for brands and keywords or to spread negative content that appears in search engines when searching for brands and keywords.

We offer you complete management of your internet reputation and provide a wide range of services such as internet PR, filtering and removing negative content, internet engagement, as well as content promotion on social networks. Our network of contacts in the media and detailed analysis allow us to know everything you create on the Internet as a brand in time and to use every opportunity to create content for the target audience based on this information.

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Need help defining an SEO strategy for your site?

We are at your disposal if you want to increase the presence of your website on the search engine or you want to see how you can improve your SEO techniques.

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