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Social media marketing

Effective social media marketing will help you grow your business, maintain a social media presence, and communicate with clients.

Users more than ever seek information and make decisions based on advice, opinions and ratings on social media. Make your corporate identity on social media in line with the brand you have worked hard to develop.

Our team will help you establish a presence on social networks with graphic solutions that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits your site and profile. Connect social networks with your website and increase the number of visits and visibility online.

By introducing social networks into your business, you raise your marketing to a higher level and open a new market.

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We offer you marketing on social networks, which includes:

Facebook marketing

We will help you reach the target audience through advertising on Facebook, segment it depending on characteristics such as age, location, interests, etc., and attract it with informative and interesting content.

Marketing on YouTube

It is easy to attract the attention of users through video marketing. In this sense, YouTube is an extremely useful marketing channel because it allows you to present your brand / product through interesting visual material and thus attract users.

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is an extremely useful channel when you want to attract users through visually interesting content. Announcements are preceded by finding relevant hashtags to give your brand optimal promotion.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for building a brand and online presence, but also a platform through which we can increase the number of clicks and conversions and influence user action by developing a well-thought-out strategy

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network through which, among other things, you can build awareness of your brand. Also, LinkedIn offers extremely detailed audience targeting so you can reach out to professionals who can positively impact your business.

Viber Marketing

If used well, Viber advertising can actually take a brand to places and create not only a local but also a global presence! Check out our Viber Marketing blog (find Viber advertising costs and Viber advertising targeting and see why you need to start today).

Marketing na društvenim mrežama prednosti

Social media marketing benefits:

  • increased awareness of your brand
  • targeted advertising leads to a high conversion rate
  • cheaper and more cost-effective than traditional advertising
  • greater authority over competition without social channels
  • lower costs of acquiring new customers
  • useful feedback from your customers
  • establishing customer relationships leading to increased loyalty

Our social media services include

Monitoring and optimization

Daily monitoring and optimization of campaigns, social media management, digital public relations, promotions, hiring bloggers and influencers, internet events, etc.

Weekly reports

Create weekly reports on the results of your campaigns, which contain all the parameters and flows of campaigns on social networks.

Daily contact

Maintain close collaboration of our team with the client to ensure that campaigns achieve their goals.

Publishing content

Creating and publishing content on social networks

Obrada fotografija i videa

Kreiranje viralnih fotografija, slika i video materijala.

Marketing messages

Spreading a targeted marketing message to users of all social networks


Providing recommendations, ideas and tips for improving the results of your campaigns.


Blogging and expanding the existing network of followers, bloggers and influencers.

Need help defining your social media marketing strategy?

Our team will help you determine who your target audience is and create informative, fun, and engaging content that will engage users and turn your social media profile into an online visibility generator for your brand.

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