Social networks

Our experience in implementation of Social network services ensure companies top results in short time. We know how to optimize your channels on social networks to achieve the desired goals. We will help you to turn your investment into social networks into your profits. Regardless of your business, do you offer products or services - with our services your work is condemned to success.

With over 1.3 million users, Facebook is too powerful to ignore it. Facebook advertising allows you to reach the selected audience since it provides the ability to set up precise campaign settings.

Using profile information, you can track your potential customers and target them based on years, sex, behavior, interests, relationships ... In addition, due to the nature of social networks, your business can benefit from user recommendations. Your paid ad can be customized or shared by users, helping you reach even more potential customers at no extra cost!

At Ad Kraft we will make you a customized campaign based on your goals and in line with your business and preferences. Whether you want more likes, better website visits, more conversions, or just about being treated - let yourself be in the hands of our professionals.

With over 800 million users a month, Instagram provides a large number of potential users for your products and services.

The photocentric platform is one of the most used mobile platforms in the world. And since it is owned by Facebook, companies that advertise via Instagram have access to the most powerful target settings on the Internet.

Even 75% of Instagram users will click on the ads they see on their news feed. And even 1/3 of Instagram users use this social network for online shopping. Therefore, companies that have effective commercials and target the right audience have the chance to increase their conversion and improve their business.

Best of all, as the popularity of Instagram continually grows, your opportunity to expand your business and influence with this popular social network and our knowledge grows too.

As the largest business social network, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B business because it makes it easy to find professionals in different areas of business.

As it’s business-oriented it differs from other social networks and gives you. The opportunity to directly access employees of a particular industry or certain companies. Do you want your ad to come to financial directors in pharmaceutical companies, which are between 30 and 40 years old? You can do this through LinkedIn.

Ad Kraft will carefully target your campaign to focus on your ideal users and, therefore, be successful.