Google Analytics & SEO

Google Analytics

When it comes to digital marketing, there is never a missing data for analysis. Collecting, sorting, and analyzing data can be complicated, so give that part to the Ad Kraft team. We will monitor and compare the obtained data and statistics with the correct setting.

With proper tracking and analysis, we will direct your campaign in the right direction. Each month, we measure our efforts and deliver reports using analysis tools. These reports help you better understand your customers, which is valuable information for improving your business.

Search Engine Optimization

A large percentage of people use Internet browsers, and almost 90% of them view only the first and second page of search results. Thus, it’s important that your page is at the very top of search results!

The goal is to achieve a high ranking on search engines with the best optimization of the website, and thus get a lot of new visitors. An effective SEO campaign is not just generating large amounts of traffic, but generating a large amount of targeted traffic, which is achieved by keyword research. All our strategy is based on collected and tested data!

Finding the right keywords means we need to know how our users are thinking. It is important to choose combinations and sequences that lead to a conversion. Proper research on potential keywords enables us to get a real insight into the market and psychology of users